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Gopika Dahanukar

Founder and Facilitator

Swahansa Expressive Arts India

Gopika Dahanukar is an Artist, Expressive Arts Facilitator, and a Mantra meditation teacher. Born in Mumbai into an artistic family, she was naturally inclined to the arts from a young age. She was raised in India, steeped in a culture embedded in spiritual values and the wisdom of the arts, celebrating traditional festivals and attending arts events all through her growing years. In her early 20's, her artistic seeking spirit led her to move to Pondicherry and Auroville where she spent more than 18 years drawn to the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo. Over the years she taught and developed her own creative classes in the community and schools that encouraged awareness through the Arts.


Gopika has a Masters degree in Fine Arts from PNCA, USA, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Change from UPEACE, a Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy, Vancouver, Canada and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Expressive Arts from the European Graduate School, Switzerland. She also has many solo and group exhibitions of painting and photography to her credit over 20 years and occasionally sings and tours with her family in a musical group called RagaMantra. 

Gopika is also a trustee of the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation started in her mothers name, a non profit organisation that supports social activism through the arts and is the largest supporter of emerging artists and arts-led work in India.