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" Expression is itself transformation; This is the message that Art brings." ~ Stephen.K.Levine


No prior artistic knowledge is required.

with an Intermodal Expressive Arts Exploration

Sat 14th & Sun 15th September 2019

2pm to 4pm

The Free Information Session is open to all and invites people and professionals from the fields of therapy, health, coaching & counselling, Education, Social work, socio-culture, Arts and Arts education who are interested in the Certificate or MA program in Expressive Arts with EGS  starting with 3 weeks in Switzerland this Summer or with the K module in India beginning Sept 2019 in co-operation with founders and pioneering faculty at the European Graduate School, Switzerland.

- www.expressivearts.egs.edu

Book a Creative Awareness Arts Immersive workshop at your event, school or workplace 

2 to 8 hr/sessions customised to your needs.


Certificate Course 2019 - 20

Mumbai New Date 7th November 2019

Course Presence time - 21 Days - 10 Sessions

Friday / Saturday - 160 hrs 9 am - 6 pm Supervision meetings - October through March in person or Skype (dates tbd) Work and Self Study Project - December through March 


Auroville 22nd November 2019

Course Presence time - 21 Days - 3 Intensive Week-long Modules in Nov - Jan - Mar - 160 hrs 9 am - 6 pm Supervision meetings - October through March in person or Skype (dates tbd) Work and Self Study Project - December through March 



Counts as credit for

Masters in Expressive Arts

with the European Graduate School, Switzerland


About the Course

Expressive Arts is a field that places the Arts at the centre of change. Human beings are creative beings. In therapy, education or for self-discovery, engaging in creative expression can lead the way into unraveling the beauty, mystery and the transformative power of the Arts that we hold deep within our core as individuals and in the collective. 

How can we benefit from the Arts? Being with the Arts can open an understanding of the self, serve our ability to become present within ourselves and with others, lead us into our own creative power to heal, connect us to joy and enhance our well being. Today there is a great need for us to nourish our creative faculties, nurture our sensory experience of the world and grow in creative awareness to positively impact the way we perceive and act in the world. 

The Expressive Arts field invites you to explore multiple art forms such as painting, poetry, movement, music, theatre, photography and experience the interplay between these art forms to discover what unfolds in the creative process as a way of understanding the self and the human nature thereby using the creative act as a way of therapy and healing. 

The Certificate in Intermodal Expressive Arts is an education with an emphasis in art & expression-oriented intermodal methods in support of processes that support artistic growth, education, therapy or self awareness. The training enables professionals to expand their skills and integrate the artistic methodologies in their work.