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" Being in the Arts is our way of being in the world." ~ Paolo.J.Knill


Expressive Arts is a field that places the Arts at the centre of change. 

Human beings are creative beings. In therapy, education or for self-discovery, engaging in creative expression can lead the way into unraveling the beauty, mystery and the transformative power of the Arts that we hold deep within our core as individuals and in the collective.


How can we benefit from the Arts? Being with the Arts can open an understanding of the self, serve our ability to become present within ourselves and with others, lead us into our own creative power to healconnect us to joy and enhance well being. Today there is a great need for us to nourish our creative faculties, nurture our sensory experience of the world and grow in creative awareness to positively impact the way we perceive and act in the world.


The Intermodal Expressive Arts field invites you to explore multiple art forms such as painting, poetry, movement, music, theatre, photography and experience the interplay between these art forms to discover what unfolds in the creative process as a way of understanding the self and the human nature through creative action, thereby applying this knowledge further in the field of Therapy, Education, Conflict resolution & Peace-building, Self-Discovery and Coaching & Consulting.


'Swahansa' meaning 'Fire-swan' is the vehicle of Saraswati, the goddess of creativity and knowledge. Swahansa Expressive Arts will offer the first module in India in co-operation and support with the founders and pioneering faculty of Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. In collaboration with some of the leading  practitioners from around the world as guest artists in our India module the courses reflect and carry within its framework the deep soulful culture that India offers to the world, drawn from the essence and wisdom in the Arts present here over centuries.

Swahansa Expressive Arts India is an accredited member of the International Expressive Arts Training Network.

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